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Children’s Parties

DRM_servicesBday_20140112Children of all ages love to move…and dance! If your little one is having a special occasion soon make it one they will never forget! Let DRM throw a very special Dance Party for you!

There are many different packages that DRM offers to meet your specific party needs:

Package One: Party attendees can learn a dance to perform at the party ahead of time! Two rehearsals to learn a routine to impress the guests! Invite the entire party or select a special few to be a part of the dance performance. Consultation, custom original choreography, personal music choice, and costume accents included!

Package Two: DRM choreographers come to the party and lead the party goers in a dance! From one to two hours learn fun exercised and a full dance routine to perform for friends and family! Consultation, custom original choreography, personal music choice and special dance party favors included!

Package Three: DRM will perform for you! Dancers from DRM will come and perform a child friendly dance to entertain all the guests at the party. DRM will provide a professional performance and children’s dance games in a two hour time span. Dance party favors included!


If none of these packages fit your needs, DRM would be happy to create a package tailored to you and your child’s wants and needs.