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Corporate Events

DRM_servicesCorp_20140112“Katie & Karen are always a joy to work with. They each approach their work with a sincere dedication and professionalism. As dancers they are attentive and focused and as choreographers they put forth creative pieces. When choreographing they complement each other in movement & themes, which lends itself to well rounded work.”

– Andrea Hill Johnson, Director of DPC2, Danceworks

Having an event that needs to be spiced up? Dance adds a welcomed activity at any event. Be it a performance by trained and experienced dancers or a lesson for you and your employees. This addition to your event will be FUN, not to mention the many benefits to your entire company, including: health awareness, increased interaction and sense of community between co-workers, new skills, exercise, and injury prevention.

Watching Dance

Want something to experience at your next corporate event? Dancing it the perfect entertainment! Professional dancers will perform just for you. Dances are available in any style and length.

Learning to Dance

An interactive experience will be the talk of your event, and will get your employees hearts racing. Every event has the normal, drab and uneventful atmosphere, but make yours FUN with a dance. Introductory lessons in almost any style are offered through DRM.